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Required Fonts for Macintosh Computers

•  SPIonic.sit.hqx  (Greek)
•  SPTiberian.sit.hqx  (Hebrew)

Initial Notes

These are detailed instructions for retrieving the required Hebrew font for a Macintosh computer. If you are quite comfortable getting around your computer then these instructions will be overkill. Otherwise, you may want to print them out before commencing with the process. To print this page, just select Print from your browser's File menu or click the Print button.

These fonts are free, public domain fonts, created by Jimmy Adair, Scholars Press.

On a Macintosh computer, the following browser will all handle these fonts...

•   Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later

Click here for more information on this free browser

Download Instructions

1  Go to the following site...

http://www.sil.org/computing/fonts/nrf.htm [EXTERNAL]

2  Scroll down to Greek and Hebrew section

3  Click the following entry to get to the actual download page...

Greek mac.gif (877 bytes)SPIonic.sit.hqx, SPTiberian.sit.hqx

Be careful, there are a lot of Greek and Hebrew offerings here. You want the one that says SPTiberian and SPIonic with the Apple Logo just after 'Greek'.

4  On the download page that opens, click the appropriate files and they will start to download automatically...

•   14,858 SPTiberian.sit.hqx (this is the Hebrew font)
•   13,588 SPIonic.sit.hqx (this is the Greek font)
•   4,472 SPTiberian.readme (optional: keyboard map)

The optional keyboard map will show you which keys on your keyboard produce which Hebrew letter or vowel marking.

Installation Instructions

I'm afraid you are on your own when it comes to actually installing the fonts on a Macintosh since nobody here owns a Macintosh computer. I'm sure it is very easy and will guide you along with cute little icons.

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